An introduction to the desktop videoconferencing

Multicast means that data is only sent once, but can be received by every participant, so only one channel is required regardless of the number of participants.

This may be problematic, especially if people who do not already have network credentials need to access the videoconferencing system, such as patients or consulting physicians from another organization.

Decide on the placement of students on camera. RTCP on the other hand acts as a quality control Protocol for detecting errors during streaming. An additional discussion on this topic can be found in the Standards section of this toolkit. First, analog signals from video cameras and microphones are translated to digital information inside a personal computer.

Introduction to Video Conferencing

Using nodes can help bypass certain problems with communicating through firewalls, but raises some concerns about where the traffic is being routed. VCAS provides support and advise on videoconferencing systems, equipment and environments and will run consultancy and training services.


Note, however, that both the camera and the computer require USB 3. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Business videoconferencing employs video cameras, video compression and decompression hardware and software, and interfaces to one or more ISDN lines or an Internet connection in order to provide capture, The rise and fall of the Picturephone The first conceptualization of image transfer emerged along with the development of wire-delivered audio in the s, but the first formal attempts at videoconferencing began in the United States in the s.

You might do this within your building; it is a great way to share problem-solving activities or to do a remote spelling bee. The limiting parameters of time and distance are broken to expand the classroom.

Her honors writing and literature students work with mentors from Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, via videoconference to revise and rewrite their work.

Introduction to Video Conferencing

In the early s, the U. In some situations, such as where a firewall may be preventing a call from being performed in such a direct fashion, the call may continue to be routed through intermediary routing devices. Since the early s, however, videoconferencing technology for consumers and businesses has evolved.

Videoconferencing increases many students' motivation to learn.

Desktop Videoconferencing Service

Such virtual field trips can provide enriched learning opportunities to students, especially those in geographically isolated locations, and to the economically disadvantaged. A higher level of videoconferencing that employs advanced telecommunication technologies and high-resolution displays is called telepresence.

Numerous service providers offer to manage VTC systems, requiring organizations to make a decision based on various trade-offs between control, cost, and support. This level of access will give very good quality video and audio. Satellite broadcast Satellite transmission is usually used for one-to-many conferences, as described for cable.

Although it is expensive, cost is not affected by distance, and therefore it may be of use where very large distances or many sites are involved. Although many of the conventions may be those used in traditional face to face meetings, the environment is slightly different, and some training will be required.

That said, there are several features that each product has in place to initiate and control video calls between client applications.

Most of these systems will support content sharing with others engaged in the video conference, which means that applications and documents can be viewed within a conference session. Students in those schools videoconferenced on other topics too, including dinosaurs and rain forests.

Stauder's middle school students interviewed U.


Thus an activity that was disappointing as a separate service has found a niche as a minor feature in software products intended for other purposes.Desktop Videoconferencing: Novelty or Legitimate Teaching Tool? Teacher Hazel Jobe offers Education World readers an introduction to videoconferencing technology.


And some twenty years later, desktop videoconferencing clients became available. Inthe first version of the ITU H standard was approved, encompassing video conferencing began over a decade ago with the introduction of expensive group conferencing systems designed to send and receive compressed audio and video.

Introduction to Video Conferencing This briefing paper has been written to provide an introduction to video conferencing, the technologies behind it, current hardware and software and the likely impact video conferencing will have on the higher education community in the near future.

These are real meetings for real Your Screen · Meet Face-To-Face · Calendar Integration · Custom URL. Building Bridges: An Introduction to Video Conferencing for the Legal Services Community.

Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc. ® Anna Hineline, Technology Coordinator. rev. June 30, I would like to thank Jeff Hogue, Robin Wetherill and Ellen Heidrick for their help and guidance on this project.

Created under TIG Project # A. Make the most of every online meeting with easy-to-use recording, screen sharing and No Dial-Ins Necessary · Easy-To-Use Interface · Host Up To People · Cloud-Based Library.

An introduction to the desktop videoconferencing
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