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What are these qualities and where have you seen them in your own experience, either in your own behavior or in behavior of someone you know?

Who wanted to play Brody in Jaws but was rejected by Spielberg? A Christmas Story ; Starring: In what year did the film Ernest Saves Christmas come Movie questions What is the longest film you've ever seen? If someone were to make a movie about your life, what would you want included?

See any good movies lately? When did it come out? Does it affect children? Do you like foreign films that are dubbed in your mother tongue or do you like watching the film in its original form?

Hopefully, the above questions will help you create your trivia questions list! Which movie has the best story? Would you recommend this movie to a friend?

This pattern causes the viewers to focus sharply on the story itself. Movie Trivia Questions and Answers Which horror film series features a murderous doll possessed by a serial killer, who goes on a murderous rampage? Where Eagles Dare at 65 killings What blockbuster sees Roy Scheider utter: Where do Brad and Kate get trapped while traveling?

How would you like to clean house for a celebrity? Pork Chop Hill In what country was Keanu Reeves born? Explain how the editors achieved this effect. What does this tell us about what will happen in the story? I can't explain it. What is your favorite classical movie?

What movie has Bob Hoskins seething: How much do you spend to buy DVD movies? According to Gene Kelly, Fred Astair was his favorite what? What was the name of the Australian movie about the pianist Halstadt?

Extremely Entertaining Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Why are Buddy and Steve fighting? In Jingle All the Way, a Christmas comedy, the hero whose action figure the father seeks has a saber-toothed tiger sidekick.

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Describe the difference between long takes and short takes. Despite being set during Christmas, what was the weather like during the filming?

Describe how this event or action moves the story forward. The extras from what Oscar-winning movie died within a year of making it? He is a supporting character in a famous super-hero film series Gary Oldman, he plays Jim Gordon in the Batman franchise Name the voices of the Furious Five kung fu masters from the Kung Fu Panda 2 movie.

Would you be willing to leave your country forever if you could be famous? Should children under the age of 10 be allowed to see horror movies? In which film did George Lazenby play James Bond? Which X rated movie won an Oscar?

Do you like to watch horror movies? In the Pink Panther, what did Peter Sellers use as an ink blotter? What comment is being made in this movie about what it is to be human?

What kind of character would you like to play in a television drama? Many stories explore important social or political issues.Movie Trivia Questions and Answers It is expected for every movie buff to keep abreast of happenings in the world of movies, not just names of movies but also names of the actors and actresses playing different roles in different movies.

Ask questions and get answers, help others and meet people sharing their experience with Movie. questions, members. General questions about movies, TV and more. This page is for general questions - if you've got a question about a specific title, please check the title-specific questions page the button below a question to answer it or click "edit" to correct a spelling mistake.

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Movie questions
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