Should doctors be allowed to prescribe contraception for girls under the age of 16 without a parent

So the GP would have to be satisfied that the girl understood the advice being given. Again I also state "parents are decreasing to educate their kids incase belief of encouragement to have sex". Government strategy for ongoing reduction of teenage pregnancies past involves ensuring: Presented as pregnancy rate, there were These teens participating in such frequent sexual activity that they find the need for prescribed birth control are obviously lacking impulse control.

Your daughter has many positive attributes but you have an ongoing pet hate about her. The only real reason I am opposed to birth control is because my intuition, and past experience tells me that it is not good for the body.

Even if the doctor, nurse or pharmacist feels that you're not mature enough to make a decision yourself, the consultation will still be confidential. Less money is needed for the health sector, social work sector and also support networks that may be in place for young parents.

The risk would need to be serious, and they would usually discuss this with you first. Your daughter has many positive attributes but you have an ongoing pet hate about her. For this reason, provision of the community family planning clinic may also be an important feature of an effective service.

Statistics[ 1 ] Although the legal age for consent to sexual activity is 16, surveys suggest that one in three teenagers have had sexual intercourse before this time. The only time a professional might want to tell someone else is if they believe there is a risk to your safety or welfare, such as abuse.

Whilst many religions are opposed we cannot begin to accompany "all religions" in legislation and government decisions as this would be impossible, for the government to base all decisions on all religions would be foolish and unrealistic.

This leads me to my next point: My opponent stated "society would be pressed into a socio-economic depression and there would be a raise in crime rates", which is largely an exaggeration. Allowing under-age girls to be able to talk to a doctor and receive the form of contraception which is best fitting for them would actively tackle rising teen pregnancy rates.

Find out what's available and where you can get it. You decide to challenge her about this as soon as she gets home from school. Funding pulled due to teen statistics rising, abstinence is almost unimaginable and unrealistic in current society and present tenths.

In addition to that these girls are more likely to be both emotionally and physically vulnerable. A range of contraceptive devices. Many of these places offer information, testing and treatment for STIs, including chlamydia. They offer support to teens who are unwilling or unable to consult anybody else.

Your brain slows down and you try to think yourself through this discovery. If this principle was extended to include the many different types of contraception available by prescription, this could feasibly help to lower high teenage pregnancy rates; for example, the prescribed pill has a higher efficiency rate than condoms, which are often available in schools or clinics but used inefficiently.

Imagine that you are the parent of a fifteen-year-old teenager.

Should doctors be able to prescribe birth control without parents permission?

Maybe the parents discussed the issue with their daughter some weeks later when they had sorted out their own thinking on the matter. This debate made me rexamine my life experiences, and how they have affected my beliefs.

If a young girl is in danger of an unplanned pregnancy and the potential medical complications which accompany it, a doctor should not deny her help if she asks for it and is medically suitable for the contraceptives. By not supplying teens with contraceptive.

Therefore, we would not be giving the religiously devout the option to not fund something that they do not believe in. If you're 13 to 16, you have the same rights to confidentiality as an adult and the doctor, nurse or pharmacist won't tell your parents, or anyone else, as long as they believe that you fully understand the information and decisions involved.

However, there is a precedent of Irish judges citing case law from other jurisdictions when reaching their conclusions. The main concern of young people is that their interview should be confidential and fears over lack of confidentiality are the main reason for not attending the GP.

Should girls under the age of 16 take be prescribed contraceptive?

Until the age of 18, teens are unable to make many decisions without parental approval. The pill has shown that teens have more confidence in non-barrier sex, which dramatically increases the presence of STIs amongst the youth. He must also form a judgement that her health might suffer if she did not have contraceptive protection.While programs with federal family planning money are forbidden from requiring parental consent or notice for teen services, teens also have a constitutional right to privacy that encompasses their decision to obtain contraception, a right that lawmakers should acknowledge and respect.

Some doctors will argue that a fifteen-year-old girl is under age, should not be sexually active and consequently they will not prescribe the pill for her. Others will make a. Apr 12,  · I'm writing a speech on this.

And i believe that doctos should be allowed to prescribe contraception for girls under the age of how do i write an attention grabber for this topic and i also need reasons on why doctors should be allowed Resolved.

Under age contraception - facing facts

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a surprising bit of advice in its new policy statement: doctors should prescribe underage teens emergency contraceptive pills like Plan B.

However, either way I believe that yes, a girl under the age of 16 should be able to be prescribed a contraceptive.

Should doctors be allowed to perscribe contraceptives to girls under 16?

They should be able to be prepared for whatever comes their way, whether they be in a relationship, just getting curious about boys or even just partying often. Apr 14,  · IMO, doctors should be able to prescribe anything they want to anyone of any age.

I'm dead serious. If a 5 year old should be on anti-depressants, I think that 5 Status: Resolved.

Should doctors be allowed to prescribe contraception for girls under the age of 16 without a parent
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