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The Parallelism operator does not Vera bradley case the estimated or actual row count at all, as expected. But there are no such indexes so the optimizer has no better option than the Clustered Index Scan, and the reason that you see no Filter operator is because the optimizer loves to push predicates as deep into the tree as possible.

The operator is a scan; it really reads all rows from the table. But the cleanup step does execute. Meredith Gabbard,Laura Click m. Reader input is greatly encouraged! But the storage engine itself then checks the predicate, and only he rows that match this predicate are then returned to the Clustered Index Scan operator which then, as usual, returns them to its parent operator.

It then reads the next row, for StoreKey 38; hashes the number 38 which results in 15; and sets bit 15 to one. When it is initialized, it creates a bitmap that Vera bradley case large enough for the range of possible results of the hash function, and it sets all bits to false zero.

And one of the things this cleanup phase does is: You will also note that this bitmap is not included in the Output List property. The filter then applies the bitmaps to reduce the rowcount to 1.

There is a cost associated with this pattern. Carrie Martin, Mrs. Margaret Golden, Ruth C. These stores have StoreKey 17, 38, and No other change is needed, and the joining and filtering part of the query would have been very straightforward: But if sufficient rows are filtered out early, then the cost saving in the rest of the plan, where now far less rows are processed, greatly outweigh that cost.

This value is hashed and the result is 46; the storage engine checks bit 46 in the bitmap and sees that it is false.

It then passes the row, unchanged, to its parent operator. With this setup, they found that they were capturing little to no customer information, and began looking for a solution that would provide a window to more customer insights.

Trust me, the reason for this extra work will become clear later. There is some additional startup cost, reason why you will never see this pattern when querying small tables.

In the screenshot above you may also notice a confusing Number of Rows Read property. As the campus grew, more matrons, as well as assistant matrons, became needed for various buildings. And yet, the optimizer has decided to do something else. To have rooms in order for occupancy.

With ePowerCenter, Vera Bradley can easily configure their data capture to quickly extract and analyze valuable ever-changing product information to accommodate evolving fashion trends. There are no more rows so the end result will be a bitmap with bits 15 and 29 set to one and all other bits set to zero.

I checked and there were exactly 9 of them for this quey — that is how infrequent hash collision are in the actual hash functions used. That smells like extra work, and whenever I see something in an execution plan that smells like extra work I want to know exactly what it does so I can understand why the optimizer introduces it.

In fact, I do not even know exactly how a bitmap in a parallel execution plan works. The third row it reads is for StoreKey 82; due to a hash collision this number also hashes to 29 so it will once more set bit 29 to one effectively not changing anything. If you look back at the execution plan I showed in the previous postyou might realize that just adding these two pushed-down predicates into the two Clustered Index Scan operators would have been sufficient.

Which means I can save a lot of time by not explaining the things that are unchanged.Vera Bradley Vera Bradley was founded in by two neighbors, Barbara Baekgaard and Patricia Miller, set out to change the travel bag industry by creating and.

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